$$$  6-Figure Outside Sales Position with UNLIMITED Earning Potential!!!!!  $$$     (metro Denver, CO)



Ready to Produce some Results and Earn 6-Figures?!!!!
Highly successful real estate investor is seeking a protégé. This super sharp Outside Sales Executive will have the ability to produce results.

This is no late night infomercial. Nor is it a “real estate investors wanted” bandit sign nor a TV reality show. This is a legit opportunity to make money in a REAL industry!

Leads are generated for you and all calls are inbound or follow-ups on inbound calls.  You will be talking to motivated homeowners who want to sell their house and all you need to do is negotiate the buying price.  We pretty much do all the rest!

If you are great on the phone than this will be the best sales job you have ever had, but please note WE ONLY WANT TO WORK WITH CLOSERS!

Compensation: Possible Draw Plus Commission: $80K to $100K++



Roles and Responsibilities

1. Manage leads in our company’s CRM. Most leads are warm and are generated for you.

2. Meet with distressed/motivated sellers that want to sell their house fast for cash.

3. Build rapport with the seller, overcome objections and get the contract signed.

4. Must be able to manage leads and follow up with prospects.

5. Must be motivated to bring in outside business.

6. Must be a team player and get along with the other staff.


The Ideal Candidate

A professional, sharp dresser who understands success comes through hard work and tenacity. This person is teachable and always trying to improve themselves by reading books, watching videos, reading blogs, or what ever mean possible.

This candidate is a fast starter and is highly money motivated who is looking for the right opportunity to use their people skills and talents to build a lasting career.

This person doesn’t whine nor make excuses, they get results and are proud of it. This candidate can follow instructions and is detail orientated.

Qualifications for the Position
+ Do not apply for this job unless you are AWESOME on the phone.  While you will be taught some high level real estate negotiation tactics we are not interested in sales rookies.

+ As far as real estate knowledge, it is a bonus, but certainly not needed.  Most of the deals we do are very simple (we “flip” most of the houses we buy) so you can pick up the real estate knowledge you need pretty quickly.

+ While we are open to anyone who has what it takes to produce results and make some big money, we imagine this position is going to be filled by one of 2 types of people….

1) A sales BEAST who has tons of experience closing over the phone in whatever industry

2) An entrepreneur with a sports background who is naturally a people person, and loves working in a team environment

+ You will work between 40-50 hours per week with most of those hours being in your home office or the field, and the remainder can be done from home. Some weekend work is required.

+ This is a Denver, CO based position. This is a W2 position. Employees are responsible for providing their own home office with computer, high speed internet, scanner, headset, etc. Proficiency on a Mac is preferred.

+ Our team is full of awesome and fun people and you will love working here!
Benefits of the Position
+ Earn deal splits on profits for each deal you get under contract that closes (past profits exceeded 7 figures yearly).

+ Learn real estate investing and business from experienced entrepreneurs who have built 7 figure companies.

+ You will get to work with a small and dynamic team in an environment that continually changes and challenges you.

+ Once established and closing deals you may have more flexibility in your schedule.

+ Get into real estate investing without putting any of your money in marketing or any of the typical business expenses.




What We Want and Don’t Want
+ This is NOT a position for an introverted person, we are looking for someone who can get aggressive.

+ You MUST have experience on the phone, whether that be in sales or in real estate and be a CLOSER.

+ We need someone with the “whatever it takes” attitude who will go above and beyond when needed.

+ We want someone who is trainable and seeks out coaching.

+ We want someone who can identify an obstacle or problem – and always has a potential solution before they talk with anyone.

+ Someone looking to have their hand held constantly should probably not apply. We have a comprehensive training program – and we’ll ensure you have been thoroughly trained – however at that time we expect you to work without close supervision.

+ Working at home has advantages and pitfalls. We all know the advantages. The pitfalls can include many things – all of them taking time and focus away from work. If this will be a problem for you please don’t apply.

+ If you are not a person of high integrity who is a team player we ask that you please do not apply.

+ Must be willing to hustle and understand that your take-home earnings are based on performance.

+ Must have reliable transportation and iPhone/Android phone or iPad/Android tablet.

+ If you aren’t looking for a long term position don’t apply, your income will continue to grow as you do.

+ Don’t apply if you have a bad attitude because you will have to pay your dues like everyone else.

+ A real estate license is not required for this position. If you are licensed, however, you must possess an Independent Broker or Employing Broker license. Associate Brokers are not eligible.

About HomeTrust LLC

For every 100 homes that are sold in Denver about 5 of them do not follow the traditional “list it with a Realtor” route. The reasons for this are varied – property not inhabitable, estate property, property has not been remodeled in many years and is in poor condition, must sell fast, inherited property, tired landlord, crappy tenants, etc. The list goes on and on. These are motivated sellers with problem properties.

Several THOUSAND homes and sellers have these issues in metro Denver, and several THOUSAND homes are sold every year in metro Denver that are not listed by a Realtor. HomeTrust’s mission is simple: create value for as many of these motivated sellers as possible by buying their home and helping them move on to the next stage of their life.

Home Trust was founded in 2001 in order to buy homes from these folks who don’t want to list with a Realtor. We are not Realtors. We are real estate investors. Since then we have bought, renovated, and sold over 400 homes in metro Denver. We’re pretty good at this business.

Today we have three lines of business:

1) We buy homes from motivated sellers and resell them to other investors.

2) We buy homes, renovate them, and resell them to retail buyers.

3) We buy homes for our rental portfolio.


What You Should Do Next

Because there are hundreds of potential applicants for a position like this we have set up a 4 Step Interview Process to allow the cream of the crop to rise to the top. Part of our selection process will be finding someone that will step out of their comfort zone and will go the extra mile. If one of these steps are not completed than your application and resume will be discarded. So please read carefully as following detailed instructions is a requirement for the position. Each step will contain instructions for the next step.

Step #1 in the interview process will be the completing the survey by clicking the link below.


Step #2 in the interview process will be watching a short video about the company and the position requirements.

Step #3 in the interview process will be creating a short video on why we should hire YOU!

Step #4 in the interview process will be a combination of phone / Skype / in person interviews with the CEO.




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Thank you. We look forward to the next step with you!

Jason Byrne, Principal

HomeTrust LLC



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